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Fräser / May 25, 2013
Elections are here!

***NOTE*** YES, you may vote for yourself.


Veren Commonwealths
New Scotlandia
German-Spanish Empire
Communist Hyrule

Voting rules: You may vote for 5 candidates. The 5 candidates with the most votes will comprise the High Council. Send your votes to Fraserland. You may not vote for someone more than once, you may pick less than five people, although it recommended you do pick you top 5, even if you do not like them all. Be sure to send your vote in before the 27th!
Libertas Liber / Mar 26, 2013
Yes, you can vote for yourself.

Official Elections Announcement

Hark, nations! The time is upon us!

We will be electing Magistrates to the High Council. The High Council is a 5-seat legislative chamber. There are 10 eligible candidates, so 5 of them, after elections will becomes Magistrates in the High Council.

Elections will be begin tomorrow, March 27th! (For official time, we're using 12:01 AM Central Time) The candidates are as follows:

Veren Commonwealths
Chad Empire
ITR (NOTICE: ITR's candidacy has been terminated by 2/3rd majority of the High Chairmen due to the nation not being on the same tech-level and RP-realm as the COG)

FINAL NOTICE: If you plan on running, then announce your candidacy to Fraserland immediately and before March 27th 12:01 AM Central time!

VOTING will be done as follows: You will have a maximum of 5 votes. You do not have to use all your votes, but no more than 5. You CANNOT vote for a nation more than once!

Subsequent elections will be much simpler. Good luck to nations seeking office!
Fräser / Feb 25, 2013
Election Results

Avaron retains his position, since both of his opponents have been removed from the CoG. (Defense)

Chinamerica retains his position. (Internal Affairs)

Provenna took the position of Foreign Affairs, uncontested.

Finance and Intelligence were both eliminated as positions.

The new High Chairman and Vice

Now, it is time for the new High Chairman to be announced. Vanhania and I have had this decision made for months. We've selected the third High Chairman for his maturity, intelligence, stability, and because he is a respected member of the CoG community. Our third High Chairman will be Libertas Liber, and his Vice High Chairman shall be Capra. Congratulations to you both!
Fräser / Feb 21, 2013
This is not a place to voice your vote. You may say who you are voting for but this is not where votes will be counted. All votes are to be TG'd to Fraserland on Feb. 21st, or at the latest, Feb. 25th.

The positions of Finance and Intelligence have been eliminated.

The position of Foreign Affairs goes to Provenna by default, as he is running uncontested.

Lerodan Chinamerica retains his positions, uncontested.

Glaedirsgrad, and Avaron are running for the position of Chairman of Defense.
Fräser / Feb 18, 2013
So, due to the petition, I've become a lot more lax on the regulations. I will still complain at you if you derp too much on the RMB though and request it be moved to Discord. These have become more of a friendly suggestion for what RMB discussion should be.

The RMB should be reserved for
1. Important messages (elections, announcements, etc.)
2. SERIOUS IC roleplay (rule of thumb: if it could go on NS diplomacy forum then it's okay; if it wouldn't be acceptable there then don't post it).
3. Introductions and welcomes from new members.
4. Questions regarding NS or the COG.
5. Doing the old: anyone there? to see who's online to TG or talk on Chatzy.
6. Political discussion, ideologies, economic systems, etc. (Civility, please).
7. Serious discussion of your own nations. (Ergo, do not start one of those,"NO! MY NATION IS BETTER!" conversations. Try to keep the discussion from becoming too superficial. Also, civility please.)


If you're trash-talking, doing hate-speech, or just complaining on the RMB, I can and will eject (even banject, if it's repeated over and over again by the same person) you and send you to the corner.

If you're doing any of that ICly, make sure it's clear.
Fräser / Jan 25, 2013

Libertas Liber shall become the first Chairman of Finance.

Communist Hyrule is to be replaced by Avaron (Defense)

Nagashissar is to be replaced by Chinamerica (Internal Affairs)

Glaedirsgrad took the position of Foreign Affairs, uncontested.

Wallonia-Brussels retains his position. (Intelligence)
Fräser / Jan 21, 2013
Finalized as of 1-21-12 9:40am EST.

This is not a place to voice your vote. You may say who you are voting for but it may not be counted. All votes are to be TG'd to Fraserland by Jan. 25th


Communist Hyrule - incumbent

Wallonia-Brussels - incumbent

Foreign Affairs:
Libertas Liber - incumbent - running for Finance

Libertas Liber

Internal Affairs:
Nagashissar - incumbent
Fräser / Dec 25, 2012
We have two new Chairmen joining the board this month.

Libertas Liber has retained his position, uncontested.

Spirtualiza is to be replaced by Communist Hyrule, Vanhania's former Vice Chairman.

Paixao is to be replaced by Nagashissar, repossessing his old position.

Glaedirsgrad of course, retained his position, uncontested.

Wallonia-Brussels retains his position.

This month, we have two Chairmen replaced; although none are strangers to the Chairman board.